1. Do you sell secondhand watches?
No. We only sell 100% brand new goods.

2. Do you sell fake/replica watches?
No. All of our watches are 100% genuine products, supplied to us directly from the manufacturer.

3. Do your watches come in boxes?
Yes, all of our watches come in the official box from the correct manufacturer, exactly as you would get if you were to purchase them in a high street retailer. An example picture of product packaging is listed on each product details page.

We do not sell loose, unboxed watches.

4. Do your watches come with guarantees?
Yes, all of our watches come with the full international manufacturer’s guarantee with our official distributor’s stamp. You can purchase from us assured with the knowledge that your watch is fully guaranteed for the full period against workmanship faults.

5. Are you an official supplier of these watches?
Yes. We are an official supplier for all of our watch brands. We do not obtain watches from the ‘grey market’ like others. You should beware of buying from companies who are not official suppliers as they are unable to deal with the manufacturer directly and offer you the support you may need in the event of a problem, or obtain replacement parts. Please note that Philippe & Son may be listed in official dealership directories in the watch brands that we are an official supplier.

6. Do you ship to international locations?
No, for now our shop is located in Guatemala, but we are planning to expand and make international delivery.

7. Can I pre-order by telephone?
Yes, you can order by telephone by calling +(502) 2336-5555. Our sales lines are open 7 days a week.

8. Do you have an email address?
Due to the large volumes of email which we receive, we use a direct email address: service@philippeson.com. Instead, we recommend to use a database driven support system which you can access from here.

9. What if my watch stops working?
In the event of your watch having a problem, as an official dealer we can provide you with the full support that you require. As well as this, you also receive direct support from the manufacturer of the watch themselves, who usually offer a technical support helpline and guarantee center.

We provide you with full support after your purchase.

10. What Should I Consider When Buying a Watch?
If you are considering buying a new watch, you will find that the choices are so wide that it becomes difficult to choose the right one. It is generally best to buying a watch that suits one unique lifestyle. Luckily, Philippe & Son has a collection of watches to choose from.

Once you have decided the purpose of your watch, your next consideration should be materials. The best, most expensive watches now in the market are made with high-tech materials such as scratch-resistant ceramics. Gold, gold-tone over stainless steel, and solid stainless steel are materials that can be found in many watches. Titanium, aluminum and plastic are often used as well to keep the weight down.

Size and weight are a matter of personal preference, as some people do not like to “feel” their watch, while others do not mind the added load. When it comes to functions and features, the truth is that most people never use anything (other than the basic time feature) in their watches except for the calendar function. A stop watch or chronograph can be useful if you are an avid runner, but other than that, most functions will just add to the price of the watch. Luminous dials are common nowadays, at least in sport and informal watches.

11. Do you have an after care service?
Our showroom in Plaza Fontabella (Guatemala) have a comprehensive range of services. If you wish to discuss this further, please feel welcome to contact our local showroom in 4a. Av. 12-59 Z. 10, Plaza Fontabella, Local 4D, Guatemala, Guatemala.

12. Where is the Philippe & Son Store?
Please click here to find the store in Google Maps.